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How to Create the Perfect Online Dating Profile

Online Dating Perfect Profile

Given the amount of time that we all spend in front of a computer, it only makes sense to look for love online as well. Our lives are complicated and increasingly busy, and internet dating can be a wonderfully efficient and effective way to meet people you otherwise might not.

The key to successful online dating is also one of the most challenging aspects - creating the required profile. Trying to clearly and cleverly describe your personality in the space of a few paragraphs can be a daunting task, and many people give up on the idea of online dating before they even begin because the pressure of writing the perfect profile can be so overwhelming.

Keep these six tips in mind, and you will be well on your way to the perfect online dating profile.

1. Choose a great profile picture:

In fact, choose several. Let’s face it, the picture is the first thing that prospective dates are going to see, and it will determine whether or not they even read your profile. Try to choose a variety of shots, and be sure to include one with a clear view of your body in at least one of the photos. There is no point in hiding what you really look like if you are looking for an honest relationship.

Showing photos of you in your element, for example: pictures of you out and about, at gatherings with family and friends, maybe curled up on the couch with your pet or next to the fireplace will help potential dates to get a feel for your personality.

Try to avoid those cell-phone-in-the-bathroom-mirror pictures and opt for photos of yourself doing something interesting. Show you get out and live life. Travel photos are great, photos from birthday parties or weddings when you are all dolled up are also perfect.

Minimize the number of photos of yourself out drinking and definitely avoid any photos that show you obviously drunk or in the arms of another person. No one wants to see their potential mate hanging off another person.

2. Show, don’t tell:

Instead of telling your potential mate that you “love to read, “ show them by writing something like, “I’ve lost entire afternoons reading books by my favorite authors.” If you’re funny, don’t say you have a great sense of humor; make your entire profile an example of your engaging wit. Finally, remember verbs are better than adjectives here.

Most people prefer it to be all laid out for them. This is why you should be as honest and open as possible. List in your profile why you would make a good partner. Instead of being one sided and saying only what you are looking for in a mate, tell him/her what you offer as a potential date, boyfriend/girlfriend or long term partner. Explain how you approach a relationship.

Mention things like: I don't believe in going to bed angry, but in working things out before they get out of hand. Try comments like: I like to see my partner smile, so I do spontaneous things to make them laugh. Even saying something like: I don't like conflict or drama and prefer a down to earth approach when dealing with problems.

The most important part is to be honest about your relationship views.

3. Be original:

You have a limited amount of time to make an impact, so you don’t want to waste words on clichés. Everyone likes to have fun and everyone loves to laugh; it is boring and redundant to actually state this in your profile. See number two above - show that you love to have fun by giving an example of something fun that you have actually done.

Sharing a few quirky details about yourself, like how you watch your favorite movie once a year or that you think peanut butter and jelly crackers is the most perfect of foods, will provide a much more interesting glimpse into your personality than a string of generic likes and dislikes.

4. Personal stories are online dating gold:

Tell a short story about when you were growing up, speaking of that 10th grade talent show can offer a great deal of insight into your personality. Stories from your childhood are particularly good because they make you seem approachable and relatable.

Just remember to keep the stories brief; you’re not writing your memoir here.

5. Be honest:

This is particularly important in the section where you describe what you are looking for in a mate. If religious beliefs or political affiliation are important to you, say so. If acceptance of your pet snake or menagerie of cats is a requirement for your future partner, mention it. That said, you need not disclose that the snake is prone to escaping or that all five cats sleep in your bed every night. Remember, don’t over share.

Comments about failed relationships and your emotional hang-ups fall into the category of over sharing – leave those discussions for at least the third date.

6. Read and reread again:

This seems obvious, but, tragically, many otherwise spectacular dating profiles are ruined by typos, spelling errors, and poor grammar. Spell check is your friend but only to a point. Use it to catch spelling errors, but don’t rely on it for everything.

The best way to ensure that you publish an error-free online dating profile is to reread it out loud. If grammar is not your strong suit, ask a friend to help you proofread.

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