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Perfect Profile Pictures

August 04, 2013
Online Dating

When choosing pictures for your online dating profile, remember you are trying to make the best first impression for a potential date. Many people will not even read your profile if you do not grab their attention with your pictures. However, this doesn't mean that you must be a model to find your soul mate online. Below are a few strategies to having perfect profile pictures that will bring you success when dating on the Internet.

Face Picture.

When you're finally out on a date, your face is going to be what the other person is looking at the most. It is important that you have a facial picture that is flattering, but accurate. Although most people use their phone cameras for this as they are the most readily accessible. The most flattering facial picture can be taken on a high-quality camera. You’ll want to have the picture taken from a slightly higher angle (versus straight on) to strengthen your jaw-line and prevent an unflattering angle. You also want to avoid pursing or puckering your lips. Do include pictures of you smiling and some of you with a natural look on your face.

Additionally, avoid taking a mirror picture if at all possible. Have a friend take your picture for you or use a timer.

Body Picture.

It is very important to have an accurate, recent body shot on your dating profile. Many people who are self-conscious about their weight or body type tend to avoid having an accurate picture of their body, leading to uncomfortable surprises when they meet someone for a date. Understand that if your ultimate goal is to meet somebody in real life, they're going to have to see what you look like sooner or later. By accurately presenting yourself from the start, you avoid any potential disappointment. You also give yourself the best chance of finding someone who is attracted to your particular body type.

Picture with Friends.

When looking for a date online, people want to be assured that the person they're meeting is a sane, socially well-adjusted person who is fun to be around. The best way to express this is by having a picture of yourself that shows you out having fun with friends. If you are uncomfortable with having your friends' images on your dating profile, it is perfectly acceptable, and perhaps even preferable, to obscure or blur out their faces.

By having the above recommended picture types on your dating profile, this will make you much more successful than most people. You don't have to look perfect. As long as you are able to make yourself look the best that you can while expressing that you are a fun person to be around, you will find somebody who wants to date you.


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