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Getting Out of the Friend Zone

By: Lana Maria   September 12, 2013
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No woman in the world likes to be stuck in the friend zone. There’s nothing worse than to really like a guy, but to hear that he only sees you as a friend. Even if there are no romantic feelings involved, a woman always wants the option to be considered a potential love interest. If you find yourself being put in the platonic box, understand that this box is imaginary and a change in behavior can help you get out of it.


Men are visual creatures. When a guy tells you that he only sees you as a friend, what is he seeing in front of him? Are you someone who he can desire? Be sure to carry yourself in a way that entices men. You do not have to be a seductress but you do have to look your best. Always wear clothes that complement your figure, wear a sweet, feminine scent and keep your hair looking nice. A pair of heels once in a while never hurt either!

Body Language

You can say more with your body than your words. Use your eyes as weapons. When your guy is talking, make strong eye contact and flirt. This will turn him on and make him nervous simultaneously. Smile with your eyes as you touch your hair or body. As you touch yourself, you are diverting attention to your appearance so he can start noticing you in a new way. When you walk, arch your back, swing your hips and walk with purpose. A female friend who is “one of the guys” is sometimes considered more aggressive than other girls. Be in control of your image by embracing your feminine side. Show that there are other aspects of your personality by being gentle, playful and sweet.

Your Tone

Men are attracted to voices more than women realize. When talking to your guy, keep your voice calm, feminine and sultry. Pretend like you are talking to a lover, not a friend. Do not yell or speak in a high-pitched voice. If you would like to curse, be sure to do so cunningly. Speak with charm. Show him that he cannot control his attraction to you because it is natural.


Get a life. Do not wait on a man. When a guy sees you as a friend, he is likely to call you whenever he wants. He will not plan ahead to see you because chances are that you will make time for him. Change his attitude by being less available. Do not answer all of his calls. When you do talk to him, make most conversations quick so he can appreciate them. If you want to be more than a friend, you have to act like one. Be high quality. Be a woman who deserves attention and love from someone.


Carry yourself with confidence. Men like women who are confident but not conceited. Be secure enough with yourself to flirt with a guy who you like. Give compliments and make comments that will linger. Show him that you notice the little things about him, but do not overwhelm him with details. Instead, sprinkle them in conversation as you allow him to get to know you more than a friend!

Winning over a man is easy. It’s not about changing yourself, but changing the way that he sees you. Once you position yourself in a different light, he can stop seeing you as a platonic friend and start seeing you as a love interest.


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